Padilla Bay

Childs Company
Ann Childs
Childs Company provides project management and consulting services, with a special emphasis on Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems. I have consulted with Fortune 500 companies, smaller businesses, and non-profit organizations for 25 years, and bring a passion for communication together with a user-centered approach and a collaborative management style to each project.

That Day Job: my ongoing romance: how to transform complex information into meaningful communication. And, make that look simple. Visually. I love that. It’s part of why I get up in the morning.
Place and Community: Padilla Bay is one of our 28 National Estuaries and I (score!) get to live here.
I’m keenly interested in healthy watersheds and foodsheds, volunteer with my local Stream Team and Marine shellfish programs, and am drawn to women’s unique contributions to agriculture. My home, on a hill above the bay, has a wetland in restoration – an unfolding treat over time.

Mount Vernon