Scholarship Requirements

Scholarship Requirements



  1. Name: This scholarship shall be known as the “Skagit Women in Business Scholarship”
  2. Donor: Skagit Women in Business (SWIB)
  3. Purpose: The purpose of Skagit Women in Business (SWIB) is to provide a networking system, encouragement and information through its members, guest speakers, and educational activities to help its members succeed in all aspects of their business activities.  Skagit Women in Business demonstrates this commitment by offering a scholarship to assist deserving female students in any academic or vocational area.
  4. Amount: A minimum of $500.00 will be awarded and paid directly to the school the scholarship recipient will be attending.
  5. Eligibility: Those eligible for application are female students who:
  6. Are returning to school after a minimum of two-year break in their education, or are currently enrolled as a student after having such break.
  7. Reside in Skagit County, unless temporarily enrolled in school elsewhere.
  8. Demonstrate financial need.
  9. Exhibit a commitment to specific career goals.
  10. Intend to continue education at an accredited vocational school or 2-4-year college or university. Washington State colleges will be considered first, however online degrees will be considered if it is the best option for the candidate.
  11. Have a desire to reside in and contribute to the Skagit County community.
  12. Scholarships must be accessed within one (1) calendar year of receipt.
  13. Recipient must attend the current year’s SWIB Spring Fling to receive scholarship
  14. No more than two (2) scholarships will be awarded to any individual.
  15. Post graduate and personal enrichment elective classes, not pertaining to career goals will not be eligible for scholarship funding.
  16. Procedure: Candidates should complete the attached application form and include:
  17. A cover letter explaining the student’s goals and plan to achieve these goals as well as short term and long term goals. Please also include specific information regarding your break in education.
  18. Two letters of recommendation from faculty, employers or others who have known you for several years.
  19. A copy of college transcripts, if applicable.
  20. An outline of your education including dates and names of schools and degree received.
  21. Administration:  A committee set by Skagit Women in Business shall select the recipient based upon the above noted eligibility requirements.  All applications will be reviewed.  Finalists will be notified of their interview date.  Interviews will be conducted during the month of April.  All applicants will be notified of the results.
  22. Questions:   For additional information, please contact:

                         Becky Taft, Scholarship chair, at: 360-770-4220 or by email at:


Applications and all supporting documents must be received at the address below no later than March 30, 2017. Deadline date is firm.

An incomplete application package will not be accepted for consideration.

Interviews will be scheduled with each applicant and the scholarship review team during the month of April.

Scholarships will be awarded the evening of Friday May 19, 2017 at our Spring Fling beginning at 5:30 p.m. All recipients are required to attend to receive their award.

The event will be held at the La Conner Seafood and Prime Rib House located in La Conner, WA.

Skagit Women in Business
Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 2025
Mount Vernon, WA  98273