24 Dec 2016

Speaker of the Month – January

Daring the Impossible!

Join us on Tuesday January 3, 2017 at our new venue, The Grand Willow Inn, for an exceptional program, featuring Guy-Francis Moussavou who will speak on “Daring the Impossible”


Guy-Francis January SpeakerGuy-Francis Moussavou will deliver an inspiring talk on how to turn your life’s adversity into breakthrough opportunities, and become an extraordinary achiever.

Having overcome tremendous setbacks, Guy-Francis speaks about his life changing experiences, and gives you the tools to empower you to succeed in life.

By applying five basic principles one is able to overcome adversity and setbacks. He illustrates how any difficulty or hardship can be turned into a catalyst for transformative change.

Be prepared to discover the greatness in you that will help turn your impossible dreams into breakthrough opportunities and give your life a powerful sense of meaning.


Guy-Francis is a captivating speaker with an uncommon and inspiring life story.

He was born into poverty in Nyali, a small village in Gabon, Africa, and was raised by his mom and his uncle, a retired military policeman, after his father abandoned him before being born.

A high school dropout, he worked any labor jobs he could find, until one day, at the age of 20, a friend told him about opportunities in America. He was jailed in Paris, trying to get to London, where he eventually got a scholarship to study English as a Second Language.

He ultimately graduated from Washington State University where he obtained a Bachelor’s of Art in Communication and a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. He also obtained his MBA from Western Governors University.

Guy-Francis is a talented speaker on motivation, inspiration, self-esteem, success, and overcoming adversity, with the goal of inspiring anyone that has ever been called a “dreamer.”